Stephanie Yakoff


Stephanie Yakoff is one of our most focused and goal oriented players. At 12 years old, she has already established tennis as one of her priorities. Training both with the USTA and CourtSense, she has had tremendous success in all of her endeavors, and is currently one of the most promising players in the whole of US. Most recently, winning the Silver Ball in Super Nationals for girls 12 and under. The presentation of the ball is one of the most prestigious awards in the path of a junior player. Having earned both a bronze and a silver ball, her focus is onto the gold, which we are sure she will soon achieve. Her highest ranking is #1 in the nation as of 11/28/2017. We are extremely proud to have Stephanie on the CourtSense team, and know she will continue to amaze with her hard work and determination.

Matthew Che


Matthew Che, one of CourtSense most tenured students, is a great source of pride for us! At 16, his ambitions are to get a great college education, with the hopes of following with a professional player. Matthew has been playing since he was 7 years old, and joined the CourtSense family more than 6 years ago. Although he does participate in the highest level USTA national tournaments, in the past few months Matthew spends most of his time traveling the country and world playing ITF tournaments. Tennis is Matthew's number 1 passion, but at all times you will catch him watching all sports, especially his second great love being baseball. We are so happy to spend our days with Matthew watching him grow on and off court!

Karl Poling


Karl is one of our most talented players. He started with CourtSense, along with his sister Lilian 3 1/2 years ago and has never ceased to amaze us with his passion and skill. At the age of 15, Karl won a Grade 5 ITF tournament in Canada; his current ITF ranking is 480. Karl was recently awarded a Blue Chip on tennisrecruiting.net; this is the most prestigious ranking given; it places Karl within the top 20 college recruits in his class. Karl is not only a force on the tennis court, he is academically gifted, and achieved extremely high grades despite the amount of travel and training required of him. Stay tuned as we expect great things from Karl!.


Julian (JuJu) Wu


Julian (JuJu) Wu is a name people know well. At age 11, he is currently ranked 17 in the East in 12's; and held the position of #1 in East in the 10's. JuJu is not only known for his all court game but for his infectious smile and great attitude. Although his goal is to become a professional player, he also loves the piano and plays whenever he has free time. Between a busy tournament schedule, and daily practice, JuJu also excels in his studies. JuJu was also recently awarded a 4 star recruit from tennisrecruiting.net. He certainly is a star!.


Maxim Mazak


Although only 13, Max Mazak is one our out toughest players. Max has been on the courts since the age of 4 training with his father; he joined the CourtSense family more than 3 years ago and has been one of our brightest stars. Although his training and tournament schedule is extremely demanding, his perfectionist nature helps him to maintain straight A's in school. Max's highest ranking was #4 in the East in the 12's, he remains to be one of the best players in his age group in the Eastern section. He has either won or was a finalist in many tournaments, including Runner-Up in a Super Six. In Max's down time, he loves to watch and play basketball. Although his dreams include becoming a professional tennis player, he would also love a career in any sports related field. We look forward to a very bright future from Max.


Sonya Tartakvosky


Sonia, our group scholar, has also joined the CourtSense Home School this year. Attending Stanford Online Home School program, her schedule is extremely demanding. Attending private classes all day, while squeezing in hours of fitness and tennis on her school break periods, she defines the word committed. Although Sonia is only 14, she continues to compete in the 18's tournaments, as she clearly lives her life striving for excellence. Sonia's goals include getting a great education, as well becoming a professional player. A plan CourtSense truly supports. We are all behind Sonia all the way, and expect that she will someday be a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant and professional tennis player!

Astro Pilipovic

Astro At Orange Bowl 2017

Astro is current 7th grader with a passion for drawing, table tennis, super heroes and tennis. If you ask him his future tennis goals he has only one answer and that is to be the Number 1 tennis player in the world. He is currently one of the top players in the section in his age group, and is competing at the highest level of sectional and national tournaments. His primary goal has been working on all the different aspects of his game with the goal of being prepared to achieve his best results in a few years. Favorite players are Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams and the young players coming up like Sasha Zverev and Frances Tiafoe. He has been playing seriously since 8 but picked up a racquet around age 5.

Leo Kupferman


Leo started playing tennis when he was 6 and currently has his highest ranking at #15 in the East in the boys 16’s&U). When asked who his all-time favorite player is, his answer is easy: Damir Barisic, his current and longtime coach at CourtSense. His tennis goals are to play high level college tennis and get a great education. His most recent tournament win was the Super 6 for boys 16s and the qualification for the Sweet 16! We have watched Leo's ranking skyrocket for the last 6 months and have learned there is no limit to his commitment, hard work, and potential.