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“CourtSense has developed a highly unique, technically and scientifically sound approach to teaching the game of tennis while nurturing the spirit of each individual player”.

Dr. James Loehr, Ed.D., World-Renowned Sports Psychologist, Bestselling

 Author and Chairman/CEO of Human Performance Systems




Our Bogota training center is the next step in our progression to our Tenafly location. Bogota primarily specializes on the High Performance and Tournament players. We have worked with students who have become ranked ATP and WTA players, US Olympians, as well as many college scholarship athletes. Our High Performance Coaches, in collaboration with our fitness staff and a sports psychologist have developed a program that maximizes all our athletes’ strengths both on and off court.





ü  We care about our students being the best they can be – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

ü  It is key that they become “students of the game” and with a good character.

ü  It is important that the CourtSense Team tap into the spirit of each player.

ü  It is vital that our students become complete athletes.

ü  We work diligently with our students, helping them develop a deeper commitment to patience, discipline, fitness and focus.

ü  We feel it is essential that our students learn life lessons in the process of learning tennis.

ü  We feel it is important that players find the fun in it all!





CourtSense believes in 3 important parts of the game of tennis. First, it is played  with the MIND, second, it is played with the FEET, and third with the SWING.  CourtSense’s methodology is to teach these concepts in the opposite direction.  We start by first making sure that all the aspects of the SWING are in order; the player has the proper grips, the proper set-up and is able to make the right transfer of energy from the beginning to the end of each stroke.  Once the swing is in order, the next step is to make sure that the player can use the FEET in the most efficient way to get into a position to execute the swing.  The final and third element that we teach is how to play the game using the MIND by teaching patterns of play, variations, breathing techniques, rituals, visualization and more.  As our students progress, we coach them on how to use the tools they were taught while exposing them to all aspect of the game.





To maximize the impact of our training methodology, CourtSense has some of the most technologically-advanced equipment in sports today.  Each court is equipped with a PlaySight system that enables the players and coaches to see all the sessions and its stats live on the court or at a later time off the court.

The High Performance programs at CourtSense are designed for players who show extraordinary passion, desire and ability for the sport of tennis.  The high performance groups are filled by invitation only, and each player that joins a high- performance group has to have a willingness and commitment to lead by example and to work  with high intensity to get better on a daily basis.

The 39 week program is very structured and is divided into three to four macro cycles that are addressing the technical, tactical, physical, emotional and mental aspects of the game of tennis.

Each macro cycle is divided in three meso cycles: specific, pre-competitive and competitive.



Specific Preparation or Technical Cycle (4-5 Weeks)


This period mainly focuses on the technical aspect of the game. It focuses on how the players are executing their ground strokes, volleys and serves. Emphasis is also placed  on the specific footwork for each shot. It is during this cycle that each player gets to work on the specific needs that he/she has. Through hand and racket feeding we isolate the player in order to change, correct, or adjust the strokes/footwork of each player.



Pre Competitive Cycle (3-4 Weeks)


In this period, there is still a great deal of focus  on the technical aspect of the game, but at the same time the players start live ball hitting with the coaches and among each other.  Through different drills the players are made accountable about the placement of the ball and even more important their positioning on the court.



Competitive Cycle (3-4 Weeks)


In this period, the main focuses are the decision making and also rituals between points as well as competitive aspect of the sport.  During this time the players get to compete with certain goals and limitations.  Different scenarios are created in order to see how the players react under certain circumstances and how they deal with the pressure of competing. 

Depending on the level and the average age of the group, the cycles vary in their length. They are constantly adjusted based upon the needs of the players in the group.  The coaching staff reserves the right to move players from one group or sub-group to another in order to put the players in a situation where they will be challenged in the many different aspects of the game This is done with the goal that each student keeps growing as a tennis player and as an individual.

We take pride in the fact that the CourtSense High Performance program has developed players that have won many junior titles and earned many college scholarships.  At the moment the CourtSense HP program at Bogota Racquet Club has many juniors that are top in the Eastern section in their age groups, and also a few players with international recognition.



Competition is a complex thing. It brings out the best and the worst in all participants. It refines the technique and sharpens the mind, body and spirit”.

HERB PEREZ, "The Nature of Sport," Black Belt Magazine, May 1999

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