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 gordon140 ognen140  geoff140  cano140 
 Gordon Uehling
Founder & Managing Director
Ognen Nikolovski
General Manger of CourtSense 
Director of Tennis at BRC
Geoff Grant
Director of Tennis and
General Manager of TRC
Carlos Cano
Director of Coaches


 salazar295-2  chris markovic140 salam140 
 Saul Salazar
Director of High Performance of
CourtSense at BRC
 Christopher Pucci
Director of Adult programs at TRC and Alpine Country Club
Sinisa Markovic
High Performance Coach at BRC

Asher Salam
High Performance Coach at BRC


 valencia140  harvey  bednarek140 josephs140 
 Diego Valencia
High Performance Coach at BRC
and Tournament Director
Harvey Becker
Tennis Instructor and Director of Tennis at EFC
Daniel Bednarek
Tennis Instructor

Ray Josephs
Director of Player
Development at TRC


andrasp olaya140 Martin barisic140 2 
Andras Putyera
Project Coordinator and Assistant to Director of Coaches
Anne Olaya
Tennis Instructor
Martin Borras
Tennis Instructor
Damir Barisic 
High Performance Coach at BRC


 jeremy hickey140   petar harold 
Jeremy Schmitter
Tennis Instructor

Noelle Hickey
Tennis Instructor
Petar Kanev
Tennis Instructor
Harold Jaochico 
Tennis Instructor 


David Breitkopf
Tennis Instructor 



greg  rogerT  griffin
Greg Chertok
Director of Mental Training
Roger Turner
Griffin Samuels
 trevir slobodan sha
 Trevor McPherson 
Slobodan Bavrlic 
Shakim Sadler


 6 5  3 
 Samantha Philips
Club Operations Manager
Lois Ferrell
Front Desk Associate 
Mary McDermott
Front Desk Associate 


Kayla  Mahlee  4 
Kayla Dixon
Front Desk Associate
Mahlee Levi
Front Desk Associate
Freddie Baptista 



Kennie Pena
Front Desk Associate




 Luis Torres
Club Operations Manager/Director of Retail Operations


 allie  Jose mike 

Allie Ronchi

Front Desk Associate


 Jose Cunha


Mike Cohen

Front Desk Associate





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Roger Turner



Roger Turner brings a diverse and unique experience to Magnus.
While performing professionally as dancer for more than 10 years, Roger was trained in multiple dance disciplines: Ballet, Modern, Dunham, Graham, Horton, Middle-Eastern Dance and West-African Dance. Roger’s dance experience led him to become a Teaching-Artist. Working with organizations like Center for Modern Dance Education, Young Audiences New York, Young Audiences New Jersey, Art Horizons, New Jersey City University, and more, Roger has taught every age group from toddlers to senior citizens. As well as, taught every ability from autistic, deaf, paraplegic to athletically advanced dance students. Through the years, Roger gained a passion for fitness and later turned that passion into a career. After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Roger started working for the Glenpointe Spa and Fitness (Teaneck, NJ). There he combined his fitness knowledge, his dance experience, and military experience (US Army) and taught group exercise class (World Rhythm and Military Pump). Roger has been expanding his fitness knowledge and perfecting his train technique with Magnus since 2012.